Effective Leadership and People Management

5 days

11–15 November 2024

Grand Mercure, Surabaya

Program Description and Objectives
This program offers an opportunity for managers to acquire expert insights, explore leadership and people management concepts, and examine actionable strategies for building the kind of leadership and people manager that enable employees to deliver their optimum performance. This Effective Leadership and People Management program also aims to provide participants with the ideas, frameworks, and tools required to create an environment and culture in which individuals feel compelled to innovate and contribute to a transforming work environment.

Program Content

Day 1

Leadership Theories
Leadership Concepts, Leadership Competencies, Leadership Framework, Important Keys of Leadership, Leadership Forces, Power and Leadership, Leadership Models, Leadership Styles, Reasons for Failures, Cases, and Exercises.

Managing Self
Self-Analysis, Self-Development, Managing Time and Priorities, Managing Stress, Cases, and Exercises.

Day 2

Effective Communication
Communication Theories, Verbal Communication, Written Communication, One-on-One Communication, Team Communication, Public Speaking, Cases, and Exercises.

Creating Team
Team Analysis, Process of Team Development, Team Charter, Developing Team Spirit, Cases & Exercises.

Day 3

Motivation Theories, Types of Motivation, Motivation Barriers, Individual Motivation, Team Motivation, Cases, and Exercises.

Problem Solving
Problem Definition, Root Cause Analysis, Identifying Optional Solutions, Finding the Right Solution, Cases, and Exercises.

Day 4

Managing Conflicts
Conflict analysis, Strategies in dealing with conflicts, Creating the groundwork for conflict resolutions, Negotiating conflict resolutions, post-conflict resolutions, Cases and Exercises.

Talent Management
Hiring the Right People, Selection Interview Technique, People Development, Cases, and Exercises.

Day 5

Managing Performance
Setting Performance Objectives, Developing Performance Plans, Monitoring Performance, Performance Interventions, Performance Appraisals, Cases, and Exercises.

Managing Change and Transition
Change Triggers, Change Objectives, Change Strategies, Leading the Change Efforts, Cases, and Exercises.

Learning Methodology

A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussions, individual and group exercises, and cases.

Recommended Participants

Executives who wish to broaden, sharpen, and deepen their leadership and people management competencies.

Typical participants include business owners, directors, general managers, senior managers, project managers, procurement managers, operations managers, marketing managers, sales managers, IT managers, finance managers, division heads, and department heads. Maximum participant per class: 10 (ten) people.

Course Fee
  • US$ 2250.- per person, net into our account
  • Including a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments

Registration closing date: 4 (four) weeks prior to the commencement date of the relevant program. Surabaya Course Registration

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